Roadmap for Tomorrow

Hello Friends, 

My dream is to become an MLA serving Alberta with the hope to make an impactful change in Alberta politics. 



Employment is the lifeblood to our economy. Our first priority is protecting our oil & gas industry and bringing the battle to Ottawa to ensure those pipelines are built. That said, I pledge to work with our allies and partners across the country to get the job done.

  • Effective solutions for cutting unemployment are found with a newly formed Alberta focused delegation team consisting of diverse and experienced leaders in both industry and labour. Effective solutions are working with this commission to move forward the vested interest of the People of Alberta with our energy resources to stimulate job growth and exploring our economic potential.
  • Diversifying our economy will be key for growing our province in the future. Investing in diversification requires protecting oil & gas and working to attract other industries like film by actively scouting investors and businesses to come to Alberta. We will work together to lower taxes on small local businesses. I believe with our fierce Albertan work ethic and the talent of our workforce, that there is no doubt we will transform this province into a powerhouse for many years to come.
  • Having career fairs throughout the year will help guide students and get them in touch with potential opportunities in future grown industries. Being a student is not as easy as our media would have us believe. Graduate students for example run the risk of being essentially trapped between the gig economy and carriers that they did not choose. I will work with businesses and corporate partners to bridge the gap of youth employment by creating a program that ensures Alberta youth can find their much-needed employment. Internships will be offered and interns  will receive a subsidy and not lose their position due to ending contracts.
  • I will battle to streamline Alberta Works and the Workers Compensation Board by cutting the bureaucratic red tape that prevents Albertans from finding jobs that provide for a standard of living deserving of our country. There are many stressful stories of Alberta Works and WCB, these bad experiences can be intimidating to many and may turn people away from valuable opportunities or even getting back into a chosen profession after an injury. Albertans currently have to go through a long and sometimes confusing process with hurdles and hidden pitfalls that appear to prioritize the bottom line above helping workers. Albertans deserve to be treated better by having a safety net that prioritizes the people it was meant to protect because people matter – You Matter.



Protecting taxpayer’s money by making sure Government spending is clean and transparent is in everybody’s best interest. I will advocate for an independent auditor separate from the Government of Alberta payroll to uphold financial trust and accountability. Your money matters and it should be protected. The independent auditor will ensure MLAs and government agencies are not misusing taxpayer dollars.


I will introduce a program that will help Albertans to save on childcare. As sports and arts programs continue to get more expensive, I will personally work to make it more affordable for parents to turn their children’s dreams into reality. Alberta families with children will receive a credit for enrolling their children into a sports, arts, software development or other programs outside of school. This credit will allow Albertan children to grow up on the hockey rink, soccer pitch, or dance studio regardless of economic barriers.


I am for an education system that has long term stability from Kindergarten to High School that takes care of both students and teachers.

Protecting Teachers

As classroom challenges arise, teachers deserve a support program where they earn free training on programs such as mental health first aid to help struggling students succeed and identify potential barriers early. Teachers also would have access to relief programs that address the challenges faced in a high-pressure work environment. In addition to vacation pay and job benefits, I would personally advocate for a mental health credit leave system for teachers working in challenging environments. This service credit would ensure rejuvenated teachers the chance to provide quality education for the classroom.

Long term Solution to Overcrowded Classrooms

I will also work with urban design experts to address density issues within communities to place schools per the local population and streamline current transit to meet demand. After chatting with parents about possible solutions I will create a long-term program to ensure class sizes do not increase, bus stops are close and to expand the school transit system to better reach children in their neighborhoods. Children should not be traveling long distances to then wait for the school bus, it can be unsafe especially in the cold and can take valuable time from school. Proactively building more schools to address overcrowding classrooms is a priority of my campaign.

I will stand for creating Jobs, creating a better future for our kids, and, building long term solutions that matter for everyone. Because of this, we put people before politics and I am here working to serve you for a better tomorrow.


Bronson Ha

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