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Bronson Ha, a born and bred Calgarian who has always served the people. He is a first generation Canadian, painstakingly raised by refugee parents that taught him the importance of respectfully serving others.

I felt betrayed by an education system that was not setup to support the unique challenges and needs of a diverse community. To that extent, overcrowded classrooms were a problem and continue to be to this day. This lack of focus and poor planning from current and past governments to unlock our children’s potential gave me the passion to fight for change – for better education – for our next generation’s future.”

Knowing that experience is required to lead, Bronson spent over a decade earning the required skills while also serving the people through various government levels with both a Canadian rifle and pen, volunteer work, emergency situations, and community service. He also chose a Canadian education and found a passion for criminology, law, and international business administration.

Bronson’s diverse experience includes advising our Defence and Youth Ministers on youth economic security, serving and protecting Albertans during the Southern Alberta flood of 2013, working with global organizations to strengthen democratic processes and improving the lives of women in Bangladesh while managing international projects; and training with legal experts at the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia.

Today, Bronson serves Albertans in local communities all while working as a Director with the Asian Heritage Foundation. Through his work with the Asian Heritage Foundation, he developed an audio performance contribution for, and hosted the Painting My Maple Leaf arts forum at Vertigo Theatre. The forum promoted a message Bronson is deeply passionate about, which is that “success should never be limited by an individual’s social background.” With volunteer work, one of Bronson’s proudest projects was working with a team to give 800 underprivileged youth the opportunity to take part in a two-day organized soccer tournament.

“I am Bronson Haa servant here to work for you. I am here to serve everyone of Calgary-Shaw; to create a future where every Albertan child deserves to have their education potential unlocked and have the opportunity to grow up on the hockey rink or soccer pitch; and first and foremost, I am here to work for you.”

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